Preparing Your PC To Upgrade To Windows 10

Windows 10 has been available from 2016 and for registered Windows users, there was a free upgrade offer for a limited time period. Even if the free upgrade offer is no longer there, it is easier for any registered Windows user to opt for the upgrade to Windows 10. There are certain concerns about old systems and configurations that need to be in tune with what is required to run Windows 10 smoothly.

The first step to follow is to look at hard disk and possibly operating system errors if they exist. For those who have a Windows-based laptop or computer, there might be certain glitches that need to be fixed. Often there exist broken applications and file errors that exist on your hard disk because of improper shutdown, power outages, and other factors. In order to check if there are problems with the hard disk drive, it is important to run the system file checker utility. This application will scan one’s computer hard disk and fix any system file that might be broken. For computers that are running Windows 8 or a later version, there is a deployment image servicing and management tool that can be used to make a Windows installation smooth.

Before running an installation ensures that no external devices are attached to your computer. That can interfere with the setup process and as Windows 10 will try to detect them and get them installed, it will interfere with the Windows 10 installation. It would also be wise to disable non-essential applications, antivirus programs that might be running on your computer as well as any other non-essential programs that are start-up programs.

For the current version of Windows that is running on your computer ensure that you have all the latest updates installed. Also, ensure that you have administrative control on your computer before you try to install Windows 10. With the above steps completed, you would have taken all necessary precautions to ensure that installation of Windows 10 takes place smoothly. Ensure that you have registered Windows 10 software available. Also, at the time you decide to install Windows 10 check for the hard drive configurations required and ensure that your existing computer or PC has the same. All such points will help one be confident that the upgrade will happen smoothly.